Don’t women get paid less because of the choices they make, or because they are bad at negotiating their pay?

No. In fact, research shows that after controlling for many factors including women’s college major, occupation, hours worked, grade point average, age, geographical region, and marital status, a portion of the gender wage gap still cannot be explained.

Isn’t the gender wage gap closing quickly?

No. At the current rate, the wage gap for women in Massachusetts will not close until 2058.

I don’t know if my business/organization is paying men and women equally. What should I do?

Send an email to your employer through EqualPayMA’s contact tool, or have a conversation with your employer directly.

If I’m receiving less in pay than someone who is doing the same job as me, does that mean my employer is discriminating against me?

I believe that I am being discriminated against, and want to file a complaint and/or take action against my employer. What should I do?

Please file a formal complaint with the Office of the Attorney General of Massachusetts.

My business/organization doesn’t have a wage gap, because we pay our employees equally. Why should I use the “Employer Tool Kit”?

If you are an employer, you can’t know if men and women are being paid equally in your organization if you haven’t completed an internal equal pay audit. The “Employer Tool Kit” contains easy and innovative solutions to help you close the gender wage gap.

If you have already completed an audit, the Employer Tool Kit offers additional strategies and best practices that will further promote equal pay in your workplace.

How can I get involved with EqualPayMA.com?

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