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Massachusetts Wage Gap
Massachusetts Wage Gap

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FACT: Did you know that the wage gap ratio is worse for African American women at 61 cents, and Latina women 50 cents?


December 7, 2016

Boston Business Journal - Report: The pay gap between men and women in the Bay State is shrinking

A report released Tuesday suggests that more than a year and a half before a newly signed gender pay equity law even takes effect in the Bay State, there’s been significant improvement over the past year in closing the gap between what woman and men in the same jobs make.

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December 6, 2016

Fast Company: Slicing and Dicing the Gender Wage Gap in 2016

The gender wage gap has budged only slightly since 2015. PayScale's report takes a deep dive on why pay inequity stubbornly persists.

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November 21, 2016

QUARTZ: A new law eliminating salary history from job applications is a strategic solution to closing the gender pay gap

When it comes to negotiating salaries for new hires, employers typically have a leg up before they’ve even offered the job. That’s because most US employers request salary history on their job application form.

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FACT: Did you know that women working in professional fields in which they are underrepresented tend to have the largest wage gaps?