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Massachusetts Wage Gap
Massachusetts Wage Gap

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FACT: Did you know that the wage gap ratio is worse for African American women at 61 cents, and Latina women 50 cents?


October 20, 2016

CBS News: The gender pay gap is real, and here’s who is hit hardest

The gender pay gap is one of those issues that sparks debate, not the least of which is whether it even exists.

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October 17, 2016

Evelyn Murphy on Equal Pay in Massachusetts

I first became aware of the gap between women’s and men’s earnings right after graduating from college. That summer, I was told that the young man working with me was paid more because he had “management potential.”

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October 3, 2016

Fast Company: The CEO Gender Gap Is Slowly Closing At Major Public Companies

Progress is being made in closing the gender gap for the top jobs in the S&P 500, albeit very slowly.

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FACT: Did you know that 40 percent of households with children are headed by women who are the sole or primary earners for the family?